You can run machines using qemantra run

Running the virtual machine uses QEMU to run the machine using the given details.


qemantra [GLOBAL] run [OPTIONS]


The options available are given below.

-bootDefine the boot order
-externalAdd a external disk
-isoAdd a ISO to boot
-kvmEnable kvm
-uefiPath to UEFI bios file


This allows to select a different boot option.

The different boot options available are

  • iso This boots the ISO.
  • menu This enables the menu, interactively choose the disk to boot.


Provide a external disk to attach. This would be attached in addition to the existing disk (if present).


Enable or disable KVM. By default kvm is enabled. To disable use -kvm false.

Note: Features such as SMP depend on KVM.


Provide ISO disk to attach.



Provide a OVMF file to use as UEFI bios. See here for more information.